Our Tutors
Lorna and our other tutors keep current with the latest research in the fields of dyslexia, reading, writing, spelling, and executive function skills by taking courses, reading the available literature, and attending webinars and seminars. What they learn is translated into directly helping their students and supporting their parents.
Lorna Wooldridge
Lorna has a Bachelor of Education degree from Bath College of Higher Education in England, and holds a Certificate of Professional Practice from Roehampton Institute in London: "Teaching Children with Reading and Writing Difficulties/Dyslexia."
Lorna is certified by the Dyslexia Training Institute, and is experienced in implementing the Orton-Gillingham approach to teaching. She has also completed the DTI Dyslexia Advocacy Certification Course and the Orton-Gillingham Online Academy Basic Language Course (Based on Orton-Gillingham Principles) as well as the OG Academy Math Orton-Gillingham Multi-sensory Math-Basic Concepts. She is a Level 1 Certified Handwriting Specialist with Handwriting Without Tears and is listed as a tutor through Handwriting Without Tears and the Learning Ally Tutor Network.
Lorna has a unique perspective on this condition as she is dyslexic herself.
Phil Wooldridge
Phil has a Masters Degree in Engineering and brings twenty five years of experience as a consultant, team leader and homeschool science teacher. In 2016, he completed the Professional Executive Functioning (Seeing My Time) Training with Marydee Sklar.
He has tutored alongside Lorna for six years and is now specializing in offering executive functioning training for middle school students and their parents as well as adults.
Jennifer McBride
Jennifer has a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry with five years of experience teaching STEM enrichment classes for Kaleidoscope Enrichment.
As a homeschooling mother of two children for the past ten years, one of whom has several learning challenges ranging from dyslexia to CAPD, she understands the struggles many children face when tackling math. Jennifer is an Orton-Gillingham Math Specialist who provides tutoring for children and teens struggling in math. She also provides conventional math tutoring through High School Algebra 1 & 2, and Geometry.
"Phil and Lorna Wooldridge, the co-owners of Wise Owl Services, are an amazing husband and wife duo with a true heart and passion for the population with Dyslexia. It has been my privilege to get to know Phil and Lorna over the last year. Their zest for digging deep to bring us the most current and up-to-date Dyslexia resources is appreciated by so many. Their beautiful spirits and tenacity to heed to their higher calling of meeting the needs of those with learning differences, primarily Dyslexia, make this couple unique and inspiring. I am blessed our paths have crossed."
- Marisa Bernard, founder of the Orton Gillingham Online Academy.
"Lorna and Phil of Wise Owl Services provide tutoring for struggling students. They are very knowledgeable about the most effective, research-proven educational methods and excel at creating programs that support the individual child's learning style. They are also caring people who are adept at managing resistance and at seeing and respecting the "whole child." My homeschooled daughter struggled with Dyslexia for many years. After beginning tutoring here, she was motivated to work hard and made substantial progress. When she entered school for the first time in 7th grade, she was reading at grade level and attained the Honor Roll. She credits her success to Lorna's effective work with her. I highly recommend Wise Owl Services."
- Julie B