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Help with Reading, Writing, and Math, including Comprehension, Writing, Spelling, Handwriting, and Keyboarding. Applicable for students aged 5-18 (K-12), our Systematic, Sequential, Explicit, and Multisensory Teaching leads to success for students who have previously struggled in academic situations.

For reading, comprehension, writing and spelling, new students undergo a full assessment to determine how they learn, so a program can be tailored to best suit their needs.

We offer team tutoring where our tutors work with you and your child to make their remediation effective.

Lorna offers online dyslexia remediation coaching for parents too far away to attend in person sessions.

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"Informal Assessment of Reading Deficits" - Login as "Guest" to sign up

I have launched my very first webinar with the Orton-Gillingham Online Academy! Please share far and wide for me as I'm hoping this will really inform a parent, tutor or teacher about a student's reading difficulties.

Informal Assessment of Reading Deficits Webinar

Lorna Wooldridge sets out to explain the different profiles of struggling readers, and pinpoints the reasons for their struggles.

She fully explains how to gather information to help you determine where your focus should be, or to select the best informal assessments to guide you further.

She walks you through informal assessments for phonological and phonemic awareness, letter sound knowledge, phonic decoding, sight word recognition, reading fluency, working memory, vocabulary, and comprehension. She also provides help with interpreting results.

Handouts and resources are included that will expand your knowledge of a struggling reader, and assist you to create an intervention or remediation plan for them. Being able to articulate a child's needs is critical when advocating on their behalf in a school situation, or knowing when you might need to obtain a professional assessment or support.

This webinar is for parents, tutors, teachers, and anyone that works with or supports struggling readers of all ages.

This was an excellent webinar. Lorna shared practical and useful resources to assess students. She stuck to the topic and shared a wealth of information in a short period of time. I am looking forward to using the resources when assessing present and future students. - Liz, March 2019

It was a very helpful webinar, well-organized with useful resources and Lorna was an easy to listen to speaker. -Nancy, March 2019

Please use this link to access the webinar home page- you can view information about the webinar without having to login. If you click on it to register, then it will take you to the enrollment page.

Lorna is a regular blog writer for the Orton-Gillingham Online Academy. She is currently writing a series of blogs on the "Big Five" for Reading. Jump to Lorna's Resources to read them.